Galvanic 42 stripped down to its basic elements is a band composed of a traditional alignment of guitar, bass and drums.  These three elements conspire to produce original music rising out of the rust of society. This corrosion of metallic elements is influenced by the universal constant in direct proportion to the meaning of life (42).   Galvanic 42 performs and composes original music and adds some creative interpretations of Canadiana and anything else we can throw into the mix.   It's all about the sounds that these elements create.  Iain provides a driving beat, to back drop some searing guitar from Andy, and a mercurial bass from Huw that ties together vocals that are formed from the geographic entity that is Kingston Ontario.  

Homegrown Live 2023 at the Mansion Kingston. Photo credit: Stuart Miller-Davis

Porcupines and Derelicts Photo: Stuart Miller-Davis

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Previous events

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